Great British Bakehouse


You can purchase our great produce from these stockists and many more across the region ...

At our Bakery in Neston

Did you know we also sell freshly cut sandwiches, batches, baguettes and wraps plus delicious salads to take away? Or why not treat yourself and try our bacon and sausage batches or range of savouries.

Takeaway Menu

All Day Breakfast

Bacon Batch£2.20
Sausage Batch£2.20
Additional: Mushroom, Fried Egg, Tomato, Black Pudding, Extra Bacon, Extra Sausage50p per item
Toast (1 slice)50p
Full Breakfast Bin Lid£4.80


Jumbo Sausage Roll£1.20
Jumbo Cornish£1.60
Corned Beef Pasty£1.60
Steak Pie£1.80
Meat & Potato Pie£1.80
Steak & Kidney Pie£1.80
Pork Pie£1.60
Curry Slice£1.60
Cheese & Onion Pasty£1.60


We offer a wide range of freshly made sandwiches, batches, wraps, baguettes, and salads. All are made fresh to order.

Fillings include: Chicken & Bacon mayonnaise, Cheese, Tuna, Coronation Chicken, Egg mayonnaise, BBQ Chicken, Prawn Marie Rose, Cajun Chicken, Piri Piri Chicken, Hand-carved Ham, Turkey or Beef.

Prices from £2.20


Hot Chocolate£1.20
Still Water85p
Fruit Juices£1.40


We also offer a wide range of our own handmade cakes as well as crisps, and confectionary.

Bread and Cake Menu

White Bread

800g White Flat Top Loaf£1.65
800g White Flat Top Loaf (Thick)£1.65
800g White Flat Top Loaf (Medium)£1.65
800g White Round Top£1.65
800g White Round Top (Thick)£1.65
800g White Round Top (Medium)£1.65
400g White Loaf£1.15
400g White Loaf (Thick)£1.15
400g White Loaf (Medium)£1.15

Brown Bread

800g Brown Flat Top£1.70
800g Brown Flat Top (Thick)£1.70
800g Brown Flat Top (Medium)£1.70
800g Brown Round Top£1.70
800g Brown Round Top (Thick)£1.70
800g Brown Round Top (Medium)£1.70
400g Brown Loaf£1.20
400g Brown Loaf (Thick)£1.20
400g Brown Loaf (Medium)£1.20

Granary Bread

800g Granary Flat Top£1.80
800g Granary Flat Top (Thick)£1.80
800g Granary Flat Top (Medium)£1.80
400g Granary Tin (Thick)£1.30
400g Granary Tin (Medium)£1.30

Wholemeal Bread

800g Wholemeal Farmhouse£1.75
800g Wholemeal Farmhouse (Thick)£1.75
800g Wholemeal Farmhouse (Medium)£1.75
400g Wholemeal Farmhouse£1.30
400g Wholemeal Farmhouse (Thick)£1.30
400g Wholemeal Farmhouse (Medium)£1.30

Speciality Breads

800g White Bloomer£1.65
400g White Bloomer£1.15
400g White Cob£1.15
400g White Stick£1.15
800g Brown Bloomer£1.70
400g Brown Cob£1.20
400g Brown Stick£1.20
800g Granary Bloomer£1.80
400g Granary Cob£1.25
400g Wholemeal Bloomer£1.25
400g Multiseed Seeded Top£1.70
400g Low GI Multiseed£1.70
400g Well Fired Bread£1.60
400g Ancient Bread£1.60
400g Cottage Loaf£1.50
400g Country Rye£1.70
400g Apricot & Walnut Loaf£1.70
400g Ancient Chia Bread£1.70
400g Spelt & Honey Bread£1.90
Garlic & Herb Splitter£1.75
Cheese & Red Onion Splitter£1.75
Cheese & Tomato Focaccia£1.90
Cheese & Red Onion Focaccia£1.90

Rolls, Teacakes & Scones 

White Batch x 4£1.50
White Sandwich Batch x 4£1.30
White Baguette x 2£1.00
White Panini x 2£1.00
Jumbo Finger Rolls x 4£1.50
White Bin Lid (Large) x 2£1.25
White Bin Lid (Medium) x 2£1.15
Cheese & Onion Batch x 4£1.450
Cheese Batch x 4£1.30
White Soft Rolls x 6£1.50
White Finger Roll (4") x 6£1.50
Brown Batch x 4£1.50
Brown Sandwich Batch x 4£1.30
Brown Bin Lid (Large) x 2£1.30
Brown Bin Lid (Medium) x 2£1.20
Brown Soft Rolls x 6£1.54
Granary Baguette x 2£1.00
Granary Batch x 4£1.60
Teacakes x 4£1.70
Hot Cross Buns x 4 (seasonal)£1.70
4 x Fruit Scones£1.60
4 x Cherry Scones£1.60
2 x Castra Deva Scones£1.60

Tray Bakes, Other Cakes & Tarts

Tiffin Tray£8.00
Cherry & Almond Tray£8.00
Lemon Drizzle Tray£8.00
Eccles Cake x 4£3.49
4 All Butter Shortbread£2.29
4 All Butter Lemon Shortbread£2.29
4 Fruit & Nut Shortbread£2.29
4 Milk Choc Chunk Shortbread£2.29
6 x Mince Pies (Seasonal/Pre Order)£2.75
Small Egg Custard x 2£1.40
Large Egg Custard£2.30
Large Apple Pie£3.99
Large Blackcurrent Pie£3.99
Plate Apple Tart£2.20
Plate Blackcurrent Tart£2.20
Plate Cherry Tart£2.20
Cherry & Almond Tart£3.49
Bakewell Tart£3.49

Loaf Cakes & Twin Packs

Iced Sponge Cake£2.49
Chocolate Jaffa Cake£3.49
Chocolate Millionaire Cake£3.49
Orange Drizzle Cake£2.99
Beanie Cake£2.99
Date & Walnut Cake£2.99
Lemon Drizzle Cake£2.99
Coconut Loaf Cake£2.99
Farmhouse Cake£2.99
Cappuccino Loaf Cake£2.99
Carrot Loaf Cake£2.99
Cherry Loaf Cake£2.99
Ginger Loaf Cake£2.99
Fruit Loaf Cake£2.99
Maderia Loaf Cake£2.99
Double Chocolate Loaf Cake£2.99
Coffee & Walnut Loaf Cake£2.99
Bara Brith£2.99
Chocolate Chip & Orange Cake£2.99
Raspberry Drizzle Cake£2.99
2 Cherry & Almond Slices£1.99
2 x Tiffin Slices£1.99
2 x Flapjack£1.99
2 x Millionaire Slices£1.99
2 x Bakewell Tart£1.99
2 x Eccles Cakes£1.99
2 x Fudge Brownies£1.99